Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Return to the Second Shepherd's Play

About a year ago, Tony, the heart and mind of Bad Quarto Productions, IM'ed me on facebook and asked me whether I was interested in acting in his upcoming production of the Second Shepherd's Play.

Me: What's it about?

Tony: Complaining about work, complaining about wives, complaining about husbands...

Me: That sounds like real life.

Tony: ...Stealing a sheep, disguising the sheep as a baby, birth of Christ, angelic harmony.

Me: You had me at angelic harmony.

Tony: Oh, and we'll dress you up as a Christmas tree.

Me: Even better.

This year I get to reprise my role as Mak the Sheep-Thief-Turned-Christmas-Tree, and also I will music direct (which I suppose means I'm responsible for making the "angelic harmony" part of the show actually happen). I hope this year to be a little more organized, focused, and simple in our approach to the music. Last year for the pre-show music we tried to do some things that were a little ambitious for the time we had to rehearse and the amount of energy everyone involved in the show usually has at this point in the semester. I have yet to meet with this year's director to discuss her ideas regarding music, but I'm thinking it will be pretty simple and fun...mostly, of course, Christmas carols. Who doesn't love Christmas carols?

"O Tannenbaum, o tannenbaum, how lovely are your branches...."

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