Monday, December 5, 2011

From one production to another

Since I have some prior experience with The Second Shepherd's Play through another college, I have been asked to blog a bit about the two experiences. I directed a staged reading of the play my sophomore year at Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa as part of our Classical Theatre History class.

Once the professor informed me he would like me to direct the reading, the class divided up production duties: those who wanted to act picked their parts, and we chose who would work on costuming, props, publicity, set building, etc. If I remember correctly we used a script from an an anthology of Renaissance and Restoration plays, and kept the original Middle English.

The main struggle we encountered was that of the actors being able to portray what they were saying to the audience. Besides the slight language barrier, the class enjoyed working on the production. The final performance was a riot complete with hair ratting, dirty faces, butt scratching, and a very tall Joseph. I have attached a picture of the cast as well.

I'll be writing again to insert my thoughts on this rehearsal process and how I think the end product will compare and contrast to my first experience.

Jessica, 3rd Shepherd

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