Sunday, December 4, 2011

Third rehearsal

Oh my. It just keeps getting sillier. And I keep adding props.

I am not a props actor/director. But I keep adding props.

Last night I worked with the three shepherds, played by Ben, Jessica and Dane. As Rachel (Mak/Angel) said, one will be a Little Bo Peep type character, but with combat boots. The other will be a pirate - for the sake of one joke at the end. (I can't resist a good pirate joke - Ok, I can't resist a bad pirate joke.) Last night we also decided to make the first shepherd a rapper. Because, again, for one line. And because we can. It's kind of awesome.

Today, Rachel, Celi, and I took a look at Mak and Gill's moments to establish their relationship and home life. It has been decided Mak has a twirly mustache and Gill is an actress with a soft spot for sheep.

We also looked at the Angel and Mary moments. I've never been able to give this direction before and I'm so proud of it: I told Rachel to turn the awesomeness of what the Angel says up to 11. Once I learned about her opera background, of course, that had to add to the awesome. Celi's Mary was beautiful, sincere, and gave both Rachel and I a chill with it's simplicity. These two moments will be lovely around the ridiculousness that is the rest of the play.

Tony, I hope you don't regret asking me to do this...


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