Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ear Worms/Next Steps

Something that's caught me off guard is how many people have told me, or we've noticed singing the songs from The Ballad of Dido after seeing ones of our performances. I don't think there's any better compliment we could have than having our songs sticking in the ears of our audiences.

This is a weird phase in the production for me because I need to stop thinking like a director and start thinking like a writer again. I don't know of many plays that didn't change between their first and second productions, and thanks to the great input I've got from actors and audiences alike, I've already got some ideas about how it might be better in the next iteration. The catch is, I'm not entirely sure what that is yet.

We still have a performance in Staunton ahead of us, not to mention one more weekend in Philadelphia, but I feel like I owe this company so much more than that. If all goes well, we might try our hands at a decent sized fringe festival, or perhaps a music theatre festival. Whatever the after life of The Ballad of Dido may be, our upcoming performances are your last chance to see this truly epic musical. Don't miss out!

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