Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Overdue Thanks

I've said this often when people have asked, but I think it's worth repeating here that I am truly blessed to be working with such a committed, enthusiastic cast and crew on The Ballad of Dido. Their efforts have inspired and sustained me through those dark moments when it all seemed like we might be reaching a bit too far with this, and their hard work in and out of the rehearsal room continues to show every time we get together. Thanks to them, the show will be magic.

There's another group of people whom I also want to thank: those generous donors who have contributed to our Kickstarter campaign to help bring The Ballad of Dido to Philadelphia. Thanks to them, the show will be, and I would like to give them all an electronic round of applause here. Thanks to:
Linda Brown
Rose A Leininger
Mary McDermott
Jeremy Fiebig
Alison Garrigan
Bryan Inderhees
Kelly Elliott and Josh Brown
Although I feel the need to mention that it wasn't just this group who helped fund The Ballad of Dido. A number of our donors have not yet confirmed they would like public acknowledgement of their gift, and as we live in a world of increased privacy concerns, I don't want to add anyone's name to the indelible ink of the Internet without their approval. Whether named here or not, I am deeply grateful to all of our sponsors for believing in this show. We'll do you proud when we open this weekend.

Thank you.

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